Blog 4 Feb 2024

February. 4, 2024

An action packed week this past week, with the chief focus being upon the younger of the two rescue cats (the ginger), Sage

After a nap on Friday morning, she presented as being “not herself”, so I contacted our vet and made an appointment for a consultation. Upon arrival, Sage’s condition immediately started to worsen. The vet suspected a snake bite and Sage was admitted for immediate tests. Unfortunately, the vet had been correct with his suspicions, but with prompt actions, Sage was saved and allowed home on Sunday to recuperate. The cat run has been closed until we can make it snake proof! Our thanks go out to Lyndon at Bong Bong Veterinary Hospital.

Sage back on Mum’s lap.

As part of my #spin24in24 (hard to believe we are on Day 35), I have been spinning up the white component of My Wool Mitten’s #spinforsocks. I was lucky to have in stash some combed top of 40% Perendale; 40% Downs; and 20% of Merino/Corriedale/Manx cross. This has been spun and is currently resting on the bobbin before plying.

My drop spindles haven’t been neglected, with this glorious sample of Merino, bamboo and nylon (stash) from Countess Ablaze currently being spun on my square drop spindle.



Current WIPs:

socks; #spin24in24; shawl; still experimenting with the weaving frame

Languishing WIPs:

jumper and hexipuffs

What I am reading:

a couple of old copies of Yarn Magazine

What I am watching:

Sadie’s spin craft on YouTube

What I am listening to:

Classical Music

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